Text.Split using DAX

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We have this Dimension Table.

FruitsApple, Banana, Fig, Mango, Grapes, Oranges, Lychee
VegetablesLettuce, Onion, Garlic, Potatoes, Okra, Spinach, Tomato

Power Query provides us with Text.Split function to split above products into separate rows. Once transformed this Table can then be connected to FACT Table using “Products” column. So our desired Table is

Fruits Banana
Fruits Fig
Fruits Mango
Fruits Grapes
Fruits Oranges
Fruits Lychee
Vegetables Onion
Vegetables Garlic
Vegetables Potatoes
Vegetables Okra
Vegetables Spinach
Vegetables Tomato

What if for some reason we can not use Power Query (lets say the first table is a CALCULATED TABLE)

DAX does not have a function similar to TEXT.SPLIT but we can combine few DAX functions to achieve the same results

New Table =
VAR myvalues =
    ADDCOLUMNS ( Table1, "ProductPaths", SUBSTITUTE ( [Product], ",", "|" ) )
        GENERATE (
            ADDCOLUMNS (
                GENERATESERIES ( 1, PATHLENGTH ( [ProductPaths] ) ),
                "MyProducts", PATHITEM ( [ProductPaths], [Value], TEXT )
        "Category", [Category],
        "Products", [MyProducts]

Here is a bit of explanation for above formula

  1. First we substitute the existing delimiter “,” with ” |” so that we can make use of PATH functions
  2. PATHLENGTH gives us total number of products in each category
  3. We then use GENERATESERIES in conjunction with PATHITEM to create a Table of Products for each category
  4. We then use GENERATE to cross join it with the original table

Click here to download pbix file

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