Using M to do calculation across multiple columns in Power Query

In my earlier post I had shown a way of Aggregating Values in Multiple Columns using DAX.

Using M its much easier to perform these calculations since you can easily access the current Row or Record using Power Query/M unlike DAX where you have to manually create a list of current row items.

In the pic below, we have 9 Columns (C1 to C9) and we want to count the number of columns that contain either “Pass” or “Fail” for each row. The final desired column is the custom column in green below

The approach to solving this question goes like this
>> Convert each row/record to a list using Record.ToList function
>>Use List.Select to select only “Pass” and “Fail” from the list
>>List.Count to count above list

You can do above steps with a single custom column as follows

each _ ="Pass" or _ ="Fail")

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