Sort the Total Row in a TABLE

Totals are shown either at the beginning or the end of the VISUAL. However sometimes it is desirable¬† to SORT the “Total” row as well

Consider the following example of Top 20 Tennis players. Points Per Tournament is a MEASURE (Points/Tourn Played).

The average points per tournament are 181 which are shown at bottom in the Table. The Table is sorted by Points per Tournament….however the TOTAL still remains at the bottom

What we would like to achieve is this

Here is the RAW data. Try doing it yourself before you look at the SOLUTION below

Country Player Points Tourn Played
ESP Rafael Nadal 10,465 16
SUI Roger Federer 8,505 16
GBR Andy Murray 5,290 17
CRO Marin Cilic 4,505 22
GER Alexander Zverev 4,400 23
AUT Dominic Thiem 3,935 27
SRB Novak Djokovic 3,765 17
BUL Grigor Dimitrov 3,650 23
SUI Stan Wawrinka 3,450 16
BEL David Goffin 2,840 26
ESP Pablo Carreno Busta 2,650 24
CAN Milos Raonic 2,600 21
USA John Isner 2,550 24
USA Sam Querrey 2,525 22
FRA Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 2,490 20
JPN Kei Nishikori 2,475 20
RSA Kevin Anderson 2,470 21
CZE Tomas Berdych 2,230 21
ARG Juan Martin del Potro 2,225 18



To achieve desired result, we can create a NEW TABLE which contains all the rows of the Original Table plus the totals of all these rows. This can be achieved using the “ROW” function

Go to Modelling Tab>>>NEW TABLE and use this formula

New Table =
 ROW (
 "Country", "Total",
 "Player", "Top 20",
 "Points", SUM ( TableName[Points] ),
 "Tourn Played", SUM ( TableName[Tourn Played] ),
 "Points per Tournament Played", [Points Per Tournament]
 TableName[Tourn Played],
 "Points per Tournament Played", [Points Per Tournament]

The above formula simply combines

Original Table (along with the MEASURE “Point per Tournament”)


a ROW of Aggregate Values for Top 20 Players

You can Download the PBIX file here