This website provides utilities / Addins and tips and tricks on Microsoft Excel and Power BI that will save you time and improve your data analysis skills when using these powerful tools


My name is Zubair. I live in Saudi Arabia. I am a CFA charterholder and a chartered accountant. I love tennis, cricket and badminton and of course Microsoft Excel, Power BI and Access.

I am a regular Contributor in the Microsoft’s Power BI Community (Power BI Desktop Forum). On 21 Feb 2018, the Community awarded me with DATANAUT title for my contributions in the Community.

With this website, I intend to provide utilities/Addins and tips and tricks that will save you time and improve your data analysis skills when using Microsoft Excel, Power BI and Access. Click here to access my blog

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

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Z-Addin is an Excel Addin which combines the various utilities I have created so far. I plan to add so much more to it.

Once you install this Addin, it adds a new tab “Z-Tool” to your Excel Ribbon


Some Utilities within Z-Addin


1) EMAIL FROM EXCELEmbedExcelRange

Have you ever wanted to send similar but personalized emails to hundreds or thousands of recipients?

This utility is for you. You can embed excel range as image, embed pictures from folders, attach files, add text from cells in Excel, import contacts from Outlook, convert excel files to pdf and attach them in email etc.

Click on the picture to know more about this utility.




Do you use Pivot tables/Charts?

You will love this utility. It will make your pivot charts/tables interactive and interconnected and will help you analyze your data from  various angles. You can also use two chart filters/slicers.

Click on the picture to know more about this utility or select interactive pivot charts from menu at top




Have you created an entirely graphical dashboard with multiple charts.

Isn’t it time consuming to align charts, make them same size, changing colors, adding labels etc.

This utility will save you enormous amount of time. Click on the picture to know more




Get Insights into your Access Database without opening it.

Without opening your DB, you can see table relationships, perform Queries, Aggregate and Group Data, perform cross tab queries, retrieve raw data, stored queries etc.

Click on image to know more




Pull data from worksheets, named ranges, excel tables of a closed Excel file/workbook with this smart utility.

Click on picture to know more



6) CONNECT TO MULTIPLE WORKBOOKSPull data from same cell across multiple workbooks

These are a collection of three functions “PULL functions” with other tools to let you pull data from multiple closed workbooks

Click on picture to know more




 6) Image Inside Cells

Insert hundreds and thousands of re-sizable Images In Excel Cells in a matter of seconds with this tool.This tool would be very useful if you want to develop your Brochure, Newsletter or product catalog in Excel.

Click on picture to know more

This tool is not part of Z-Addin




You can download the copy of this Addin from the link below. Please provide email address so that if there is any improvement in this Addin, I can share it with you 🙂

There is no need to download again if you have already downloaded “Z-Addin” from another webpage in this website

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